2021 retrospective / Tourism: The local market saves the day

Posted by ALM Date: December 31, 2021 2021 has been the year of domestic tourism par excellence. Significant efforts have been made to strengthen the contribution of this segment to the added value of the sector. The measures taken to promote this product tend to lay the solid foundations for a sustainable development of domestic tourism. The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) has carried out a study in this regard with a view to identifying the requirements of the Moroccan client. A diagnosis that shed light on the preferences of Moroccans in terms of activities. In this sense, we can mention seaside tourism, visits to towns and natural and historical sites, as well as sports activities including water sports. The supervisory body worked together with the operators and all the stakeholders to highlight a product that perfectly matched supply and demand. The main guidelines issued in this direction aim in fact to encourage investment in this segment and the creation of tourist resorts with tariff offers adapted to supplying Moroccan tourists with purchases. The attractiveness of local tourist products also involves the enhancement of the old medinas and the creation of tourist circuits, cultural activities and the promotion of sports activities. For its part, the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) carried out during the year an ambitious program to promote local tourism. This system was crowned with the launch of promotional campaigns dedicated to the domestic market. A campaign is underway to encourage Moroccans to discover and rediscover the riches of their country during these end-of-year holidays. An operation which follows on from the first two “Ntla9awFbladna” campaigns which saw strong mobilization of major players in national tourism. The commitment is to consolidate the domestic market as the main supplier of tourists for the Morocco destination by making Moroccans want to further explore all of the wealth of their country.