Fact number 1 :

Citrus export. Morocco is distinguished by its   ability to achieve food self-sufficiency in its  agricultural products, including basic grains,   vegetables and fruits, which are famous  for their export to world markets,   especially citrus fruits,  such as oranges and lemon.

Fact number 2 :

Moroccan bath. The popular Moroccan bath has   become one of the customs and traditions  of the Moroccan people, and it is similar   to the Turkish bath in which Turkey is famous too. The Moroccan bath contains a steam room that helps   to relax and refresh, and it is characterized  by cleansing the skin with natural scented oils;   Argan oil.

Moroccan black soap.  and ghassoul using mineral clay.

Fact number 3 :

Argan oil. Argan oil is considered as a natural organic oil,   and it is spread in various countries of  the world, but Morocco is famous for it   as its main source; It contains vast  green areas planted with argan trees,   from which the seeds are extracted the materials  needed to produce international cosmetics and   cooking oils, and it should be noted that many  Moroccan women prepare this oil themselves   by grinding these seeds in household  machines to extract the oil from them.

Fact number 4 :

The oldest University in the world This University is located in the city of Fez,   which is the oldest university in the world.  Teaching is still continuing there until the   present time. The university was founded in 859,  and is considered an ancient educational edifice,   and later it became one of the leading spiritual,  and educational centers in the Arab Islamic world.

Fact number 5 :

The traveler Ibn Battuta. The famous traveler and explorer,   called Ibn Battuta, is one of the most famous  historical figures in Morocco. He was born in   it in the 14th century, and from there began his  exploratory journeys to many parts of the world;   Including North Africa, the Horn of Africa, South  and Central Asia, as well as Southeast Asia,   in addition to the Middle East, and  the blogs of his expeditions are rich   in information that revealed much about  the civilizations of the Middle Ages.