A new company to promote tourism SMEs and VSEs in the North

It will have a share capital of 4 million dirhams Support: A regional development company will soon see the light of day. Its objective is to improve tourism competitiveness, support performance and maintain business investment aimed at contributing to the promotion of the tourism sector in the region. The Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima (TTA) region wants to support and support tourism entrepreneurship in its regional territory. In this sense, it is at the origin of a project to create a regional development company to promote tourism SMEs and VSEs. This new company is the subject of a draft agreement, the provisions of which have just been approved during the ordinary session of the regional council for the month of March. According to this agreement, it will have a share capital of some 4 million dirhams, in which, in addition to the region (as the main initiator of this project), its other partners, in this case the department of tourism , the wilaya of the TTA region (through the Ministry of the Interior), the Moroccan Society for Tourism Engineering (SMIT) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIS-TTA). It is intended to be open to new shareholders in order to be able to extend this initiative to the regional territory. The main objective of this agreement is to help improve tourism competitiveness and support the performance and maintenance of business investment intended to contribute to the promotion of the tourism sector in the region. In accordance with the provisions of this partnership, all the partners undertake to work to support tourism entrepreneurship through the encouragement and support provided to SMEs and VSEs concerning all stages of the study, implementation and implementation of their projects. This partnership concerns the establishment of a one-stop shop to provide services to targeted businesses. It is also a question of helping to consolidate excellence, improve the competitiveness and the quality of the product and services within the SMEs and VSEs benefiting from this project. Note that the CRT-TTA and the tourism department will participate respectively with some 2 million dirhams (20 thousand shares) and more than 1.9 million dirhams (more than 19 thousand shares), i.e. almost the entire capital of this company. . In addition to the creation of this company, the CRT-TTA preceded during this ordinary session the approval of three other partnership agreements generally aimed at boosting the development of tourism in the regional territory. The first aims to set up tourist circuits in the natural sites and mountainous areas of the region, with a budget of 30 million dirhams. The second agreement concerns the activation of a support mechanism for tourism businesses for some 300 million dirhams. The third agreement provides for the development of a program for the development and promotion of tourism in the region for nearly 3 million dirhams.