A Russian newspaper highlights the tourist assets of Morocco

The Russian newspaper “Profil” devotes, Saturday, an article to the tourist assets of Morocco, “a country for all times and all seasons”. Under the headline “The Tale of Aladdin: What kind of holiday does Morocco offer tourists?”, the business journal asks Russian tour operators what makes Morocco a “unique and distinctive” destination, in following the resumption of direct Royal Air Maroc flights between Russia and Morocco. In the opinion of Arthur Mouradyan, vice-president of the association of Russian tour operators (ATOR) in charge of outbound tourism, Morocco is a “perfect destination for business travelers and individual tourists”. If the flight schedule between the two countries expands “Morocco could well become an all-season vacation option for Russians abroad,” he said, highlighting the Kingdom’s rich historical heritage. “There really are things to see here, because even in the 21st century, the Kingdom has managed to preserve its colorful spirit,” Mouradyan told “Profile”. An opinion shared by Maya Kotlyar, founder and manager of the travel agency Mayel Travel, which presents Morocco as a “unique” destination, not to be compared with Egypt or Tunisia. “It is exactly the Orient that we imagine from the tales of Aladdin and Ali Baba,” she explained, adding that Morocco is “a country of excursions”. “Morocco offers a completely different landscape: forests and green fields in the north, the Sahara desert in the south,” the publication continues in its “travel” section, noting that the cities of Morocco are a mixture of European and Arab cultures. . Russian tour operators also agree, according to the newspaper, that “the ideal option for tourism in Morocco is to combine beach holidays and sightseeing excursions”. “The best place to start your journey is Casablanca,” the newspaper continues, adding that in the Kingdom’s economic capital, the European influence “is felt like nowhere else”. Morocco “is the only country in Africa where rail links are well developed”, notes the publication aimed at an audience of decision-makers and businessmen, pointing to the fact that trains connect all the main cities of the Kingdom: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fez, Marrakech, Meknes and many others. The newspaper cites, in this regard, the high-speed line that connects Casablanca to Tangier, which allows you to reach the Strait of Gibraltar in a few hours. The publication also gives an exhaustive overview of the tourist offer, assets and specificities of cities such as Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, El Jadida or Meknes, all illustrated with photos reflecting the beauty of the cities of the Kingdom. “If you want to feel the real spirit of the Orient, don’t stay in a hotel, but in Riads (…). Most of them are located in the medinas – in Fez, Marrakech, Tangier, Meknes – and many of these buildings are hundreds of years old”, advises the newspaper, which is interested in Morocco’s cinematographic vocation. “When you travel to Morocco, don’t forget that this country is a kind of branch of Hollywood: blockbusters are filmed there almost everywhere,” the newspaper notes, detailing the impressive list of films and series shot in Morocco. . But, the true “capital of cinema” of Morocco is the small town of Ouarzazate at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, continues the publication which deals with economic and political news. “It seems that Hollywood shoots here almost all the films where there is a desert, the ancient world and not only: Ouarzazate has been presented to viewers like Tibet, Egypt, Jamaica, Jerusalem and even Texas”, details the newspaper, pointing out that the popularity of Morocco among Hollywood directors is explained in particular by the skills of local craftsmen who are able to build any setting, quickly and at affordable costs.