Aid Al-Fitr: The Government announces that Monday, April 24 will be a public holiday

On the occasion of the celebration of Eid El Fitr, the government has decided to grant an exceptional leave in favor of the administrations of the State and the local authorities, and this on Monday, April 24, 2023 following the Eid holidays. . In a press release, the head of government’s department specified that according to the provisions of article 2 of decree n° 2.05.916 of 13 Joumada II 1426 (July 20, 2005) fixing the days and hours of work in public administrations and local communities, as supplemented and amended by Decree No. 2.18.880 of 29 Safar 1440 (November 8, 2018), the government has decided to grant State and local government administrations, the day of Monday April 24, 2023, following Aid El Fitr holidays, as exceptional leave. LNT with Map To go further