Ait Taleb: the patient who contracted the Omicron virus was not returning from a trip

Scientific research has shown that the 3rd dose of the vaccine boosts immunity against all variants of the coronavirus, including the 75% Omicron variant, the minister revealed, stressing that boosting immunity greatly prevents the risk of infection. . In addition, after confirming that “the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom is under control” despite a slight increase in the number of cases, the Minister noted that a resurgence of the pandemic is possible at any time, hence the need to preserve knowledge acquired by being vaccinated and respecting barrier gestures. The majority of patients admitted to intensive care are not vaccinated, he noted, adding that the disease is six times more severe in unvaccinated patients. Regarding the Omicron variant, the government official warned against its dazzling contagiousness observed on a global scale, the only way to effectively fight against its spread being strict compliance with health measures, in particular the correct wearing of a protective mask. . The ministry, he assured, will continue its efforts in terms of vigilance and epidemiological monitoring in order to preserve the achievements made by the Kingdom in the management of the pandemic. Earlier today, the Health Department announced the detection of a first case of infection with the new variant of the Omicron coronavirus in a woman of Moroccan nationality in Casablanca. The patient, whose state of health is stable and does not cause concern, was placed under medical supervision in a hospital in the city of Casablanca, in accordance with the health measures in force, recalls the ministry.