Algoculture in offshore: A pilot project on the rails south of Agadir

The Sidi R'bat area located 60 km south of Agadir will host an offshore seaweed farming pilot project led by the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (ANDA). Aquaculture constitutes a considerable development potential for national economic activity. To highlight this great potential, ANDA has produced aquaculture development plans along the Moroccan coasts, the main objectives of which are: the contribution to the sustainable development of fishery resources, the significant increase in the share of aquaculture in fish production in order to reduce the pressure on the natural stock, the harmonious development of aquaculture activities taking into account local capacities and specificities, the contribution to the sustainable development of aquaculture, through the achievement of ‘concerted management of resources and space, and increasing the contribution of aquaculture to the economy of the region. On the other hand, Morocco is part of the global approach for the contribution to the reduction of global warming by the reduction of C02 by adopting the Blue Belt which proposes the development of algoculture among the solutions that contribute to the mitigation of the consequences of climate change. In order to consolidate this policy and encourage investors to develop offshore aquaculture in Morocco, ANDA is launching a new initiative to better guide investors and which concerns a pilot project of offshore seaweed farming in the Souss-Massa region. -Zone Sidi R'bat. Indeed, several areas favorable to seaweed farming have been identified within the framework of the studies carried out by ANDA, in particular in the region of Souss-Massa known for the richness of its environment. The aquaculture development plan identified an area of ​​360 ha intended to house seaweed farming projects. In total, 24 concessions, of 15 ha each, are reserved for seaweed farming projects in this zone. This project is currently the subject of a call for tenders launched by ANDA to select a private service provider who will be responsible for technical assistance for the realization of this pilot project and who will give it the technical and economic indicators enabling it. to better guide aquaculture investors in the field of offshore seaweed farming in the said region while defining the technical and economic set-up of the algocultural activity adapted to the Sidi R'bat zone by also determining the constraints linked to the site of establishment of the algaeculture project and the corrective actions that must be taken to achieve the production objectives. Thus, the selected service provider will analyze all the information available for the characterization of the environment (climate, oceanographic and hydrobiological parameters) with a zoom on the plots dedicated to algoculture. ANDA will make available to it all the information collected during the study of the aquaculture development plan for the Souss-Massa region.