Anti-Covid measures: the government turns a deaf ear to the requests of tourist operators

Sanitary control at Marrakech-Menara international airport. MAP After the lifting of the main anti-Covid restrictions, the tourism sector is preparing to emerge from its lethargy. But the recovery still stumbles on certain measures, such as the obligation of a vaccination pass and a PCR test for any entry into the territory. A new workhorse of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) which recently seized Fatim-Zahra Ammor. Without success You still have 92% of the article to read. Reading this article is reserved for Desk subscribers. To read this article, subscribe now! 1 month unlimited any support 60 DH 1 year unlimited any support 480 DH 4 months free 1 year unlimited any support Support the Desk by choosing a subscription amount greater than 480 DH ©️ Copyright Pulse Media. All rights reserved.Reproduction and distribution prohibited (photocopies, intranet, web, messaging, newsletters, monitoring tools) without written authorization