Assault of a nurse in Dakhla: the victim confides

A video circulating recently on social networks shows a nurse being brutally assaulted by an individual in the Hassan II hospital in Dakhla, which has sparked outrage. In a statement to Le Site info, the victim Imane Soufi said she was surprised by an individual who brutally assaulted her inside the hospital, causing her head and chest injuries. rest of the body. The assailant kicked her and dragged her by the hair. The nurse explained that the attacker first asked her to allow her to see her father, hospitalized because he suffers from complications from covid-19, which she refused, explaining that the hospital management prohibits visits to Covid patients. He therefore asked her to come in to see him in order to assess his condition, which she accepted. The victim adds that while she was putting on her anti-covid suit, the attacker hit her head against the wall, before dragging her to the ground and kicking her. The young woman stresses that she obtained a medical certificate for a 25-day sick leave and that she lodged a complaint with the security services. MF