Casablanca's Dante Alighieri takes a journey through time in music and images

The Dante Alighieri Committee of Casablanca recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of its creation at the Théâtre Italia (General Consulate of Italy) by offering a magnificent evening with the soloists of the Nuova Orchestra Sarlatti. The Italian ensemble founded in 1993 by the former solo clarinetist of the Orchestra Scarlatti RAI, Maestro Gaetano Russo, offered on this occasion a delicious and fascinating musical journey which delighted the large audience that evening. Pasquale Faucitano (violin), Ilaria Metta (violin), Alessandro Zerella (viola), Pierluigi Marotta (cello) and Gaetano Russo (clarinet) interpreted during this evening an anthology of tunes from the time of Vivaldi, Boccherini, Puccini, Pilati or Miceli. In an intimate atmosphere, the quintet unveiled all the sonic beauty of the musical instruments they handle with skill, playing with a certain elegance evocative tunes from the various colors of Italian music. Organized by the Consulate General of Italy and the Dante Alighieri of Casablanca, this evening was covered by warm applause from an audience moved and seduced by the musicians who gave them a moment of pure relaxation and serenity which they alone hold the secret. Also given a standing ovation that evening, Mrs. Marina Sganga Menjour, for the dedication she has shown at the head of the Italian Cultural Association. President of the Dante Alighieri of Casablanca for many years, the latter received a vibrant tribute from the Consul General of Italy in Casablanca, Marco Silvi. “This year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the activity of the Dante Alighieri Association in Casablanca. For my part, I would especially like to thank Mrs. Marina and all the people who have worked for years with the Italian consulate to carry out a cultural program that works well”, declared the Italian consul general in Casablanca, a few minutes before that the first notes of the concert do not reason. “I am delighted to have found here, in Casablanca, such a formable team from Dante Alighieri. I am convinced that together we will propose many events for this year and the years to come, ”he added, promising that the Consulate General will strengthen this partnership as much as possible. Earlier in the day, the Consul General of Italy and his team, members of the Italian community in Casablanca and its surroundings, lovers of Italian culture and language, partners, students and many guests had found themselves in the courtyard of the consulate where a very instructive exhibition was held on the course of the Italian Cultural Association. The opportunity for some to recall good memories of the teams that ran it in the past and for others to appreciate the main activities carried out over the years by Dante Alighieri with a view to promoting the influence of Italian culture and language in Morocco. For the record, it was in 1932 that the first Dante Alighieri Committee was formed. But the adventure will not go far because of the world war. This is how it would be reconstituted almost twenty years later, precisely in 1951. It was therefore only after its reconstitution and a few years later that the Committee finally began an intense and lasting activity, multiplying initiatives and actions that will hoist it among the important centers of cultural life in Casablanca. Dante Alighieri from Casablanca promotes Italian culture through various activities including shows, concerts, meetings, conferences and exhibitions. The association also provides Italian lessons.