Casabus: A number of passengers that has increased more than tenfold in 3 years

Operated by the Spaniard Alsa, Casabus has just drawn up its 2019-2023 results, a period when the number of travelers has multiplied on average by 2.5 per year since its start in 2019, i.e. 8 million in 2019, 38 million in 2020, 70 million in 2021 and 92 million in 2022. Now, Casabus transports 100 million Casablancais every year. The number of buses in operation has increased from 280 in 2019 to 700 buses in 2022 and the availability rate of buses in operation for the years 2021 and 2022 is 100%. On the investment side, the contractual program spread over three phases for a total amount of 1.7 billion dirhams has been respected, with the purchase of 700 new buses with gradual commissioning during the period 2021 and 2022 and the reinforcement of the fleet with 167 additional buses to reach the number of buses 567 outgoing buses in 2022, knowing that in February 2021, 400 new buses were put into circulation. The network has increased from 1.5 M KM per month in 2019 to 4 M KM in 2022, thus covering the entire territory of ECI Al Baida, ranging from Sidi Moussa Ben Ali in the north to Dar Bouaz in the south, and from Mediouna in the east to Casa Anfa in the west. As a reminder, the company Alsa Al Baida, a subsidiary of the Alsa Transport SA Group and Alsa Grupo, resumed bus transport on November 1, 2019 in a very critical situation. No fleet available immediately. The company started with 280 buses taken over from the former delegate, in a badly deteriorated state. HZ To go further