Chefchaouen: Houssine, owner of a farm, receives tourists for free (VIDEO)

Owner of a farm in Chefchaouen, Houssine revealed how he receives his visitors, Moroccans or foreign nationals, free of charge at his campsite, with the aim of encouraging local tourism. In a statement to Le Site info, Houssine claimed to have built a café in front of his house where he receives his visitors, national and foreign tourists, who come to Chefchaouen and Akchour, so that they can have a healthy breakfast there. and natural, in the middle of the beautiful mountains of the region. Likewise, added our interlocutor, that he is trying to provide free overnight stays for young people who go to the region, as part of citizen assistance which encourages many of them to stay longer in the area. . His approach, Houssine said, has strengthened his relationships with many visitors who, in turn, invite him to their homes in their towns of residence, and even introduce him as a full member of their families. Many good surprises enamelled this approach of Houssine, he underlined with happiness and pride, including his reception of members of a Malaysian governing family who promised him the construction of a mosque near his home. THE