Coaches linking Casablanca and Rabat in a sorry state, travelers complain

Many passengers coming from Casablanca and bound for Rabat, and vice versa, are deeply shocked by the deplorable state of the coaches shuttling between these two cities of the Kingdom. Also, on social networks, Internet users have published, shared and commented on photos of coaches of a renowned company in Morocco, in the road transport sector, showing the dilapidation of the seats, among other equipment. The same shots also show seats attached to each other by ropes, as a derisory and miserable way to keep them from falling on top of each other! Just as these coaches take more passengers, exceeding their capacity and the number of seats, which are crammed like sardines in a can, especially early in the morning or in the evening. This naturally makes passengers react and provoke their anger at not finding a free seat, as promised when they purchased their travel ticket. Their protests can often turn into verbal abuse, and sometimes even into a blow. Internet users are also wondering why these coaches park far from the Oulad Ziyane bus station in Casablanca, looking for travelers leaving for Rabat, but also how it is that these dilapidated vehicles pass security checkpoints in breaking the law and without undergoing any control. It is also surprising, in addition to parking far from Oulad Ziane, that the owners of these coaches recruit intermediaries whose job is to look for passengers in the vicinity or on the road to Rabat. These same intermediaries are paid in cash in return for travel tickets that do not include the name of the company, but with a single mention: “Transport tous directions”. THE