Covid-19: Proof of vaccination and PCR test required for travelers from list B countries

The system governing international travel has just been updated in the light of the latest developments in the epidemiological situation in Morocco and around the world. Travelers from list B countries must now be vaccinated and have a PCR test of less than 48 hours. The Interministerial Committee for the Coordination and Monitoring of the Mechanism Governing International Travel During the Covid-19 Pandemic said in a press release that the updated lists and conditions of access are available on the websites of the ministerial departments concerned. According to the latest update released today, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are now among the B-list countries that pose a high risk of a pandemic. Travelers from List B countries must be vaccinated and have a PCR test within 48 hours, the Foreign Ministry said in a social media post. Regarding the temporary suspension of direct flights to and from List B countries, the interministerial committee ensured that it constitutes an additional risk mitigation measure and not a restriction of access to the national territory of nationals and residents of these same countries, adding that they will still be able to travel to Morocco, passing through other countries and complying with the conditions of access to the national territory in force. The Committee clarified, in this regard, that the classification of countries according to Lists A and B and the related measures, including the suspension of direct flights, will continue to be revised every two weeks. The countries affected by the suspension of direct flights will be able to organize repatriation flights, in accordance with the procedure in force, underlines the Committee. The Interministerial Committee recalls that the classification of countries according to lists A and B, as well as the conditions of access to the national territory, are established on the basis of reliable data from the health departments of the countries and international organizations.