Covid: Several EU countries 'advise' against non-essential travel to China

By Le360 (AFP) on 08/01/2023 at 09:34 (updated on 08/01/2023 at 09:34) Covid test of passengers arriving from China, at Roissy Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, on 1 January 2023. © Copyright: JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg “advise against” non-essential travel to China, this country being faced with an unprecedented wave of Covid contaminations for three years. “We currently advise against non-essential travel to China. The reason is the spike in Covid infections and the overburdened health system” in this country, the rapid response center of the German Foreign Ministry said on Twitter. “Luxembourg aligns itself with the German travel advisory and currently advises against non-essential travel to China,” the Grand Duchy’s Foreign Ministry announced in a statement released late Saturday afternoon. Same instruction in Belgium: “Since December, China has experienced its biggest wave of infections due to the end of the zero-Covid policy. In view of the risk of saturation of hospitals and, therefore, the risk of not being able to be taken care of quickly in the event of an emergency, non-essential travel remains inadvisable for the moment”, indicates the site of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . China is facing an unprecedented wave of contamination for three years and the European Union this week strongly encouraged its Member States to impose screening carried out in China, before the flight, as well as to supplement this system with “tests random” upon arrival on European soil. Covid-19: the new sub-variant in South Africa but no “big wave” As a precaution, several countries including the United States, Japan, France and Germany have already decreed identical measures. Despite the rebound in contamination, the Chinese authorities will end mandatory quarantines on arrival in China on Sunday and again allow Chinese people to travel abroad, after three years of frustration. Beijing on Tuesday condemned the imposition of Covid tests by certain countries, deeming them “unacceptable” and threatening “countermeasures”. The World Health Organization (WHO) denounces for its part the controversial methods of Beijing to count the victims of the Covid. Although Chinese hospitals are overwhelmed and crematoriums full, authorities are reporting very few Covid-19-related deaths. By Le360 (AFP)