Craftsmanship: Supervision deploys its Market Intelligence

The Ministry of Tourism, Crafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy has announced the deployment of its Market Intelligence for crafts, which will allow crafts players to adapt their products to opportunities and the latest trends in the world. . “As part of efforts to support and accompany export operators, the Ministry and the Maison de l’Artisan are launching a Market Intelligence system for the benefit of all crafts players wishing to take advantage of new opportunities offered by the sector around the world”, indicates the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy in a press release. This new strategic intelligence system by market and by product will allow operators in the sector to better develop their marketing and commercial strategies by improving their knowledge of demand and markets, in a constantly changing economic context and in the face of international demand for increasingly demanding, adds the same source. Artisans and craft businesses will also have access to a wide range of important information such as the macroeconomic context of markets, potential demand, interest in handmade products, the main operators interested in Moroccan crafts, the main shows and fairs by market, etc. “For the implementation of this new system, the Ministry and the Maison de l’Artisan have acquired the technological tools necessary for the monitoring and real-time analysis of the fingerprint of the “Morocco Handmade” brand, discussions around Moroccan crafts and handicrafts as well as new emerging trends in the various important foreign markets,” the statement said. Sector players will thus have monthly access to detailed analyzes by market and product on the website: . For this month of April 2023, two analysis reports of the American market and the Moroccan handmade carpet product, representing respectively 39% and 22% of the exports of the sector during the year 2022, are already available. Analysis reports for other markets and products will be posted on a monthly basis starting in May 2023. and that the main trend of the moment is maximalism. The opposite of minimalism, this eccentric tidy-disordered style consists of mixing and accumulating objects. A real opportunity for Moroccan actors since Moroccan handicrafts lend themselves perfectly, underlines the same source. Regarding satisfaction with Moroccan handicrafts, 94% of American consumers are very satisfied with the design and quality of the products. The product analysis for the month of April focuses on handmade rugs, the second most exported handicraft product in 2022. The American market is the leading importer of Moroccan rugs, however, exports to England recorded the highest average annual growth rate over the last 5 years, around 41%. Also, 95% of returns on the Moroccan carpet are positive. The Kilim, Boucharouite and Azilal carpets are the most mentioned. However, it is the essential Beni Ouarain rug that is the most purchased, according to the analysis of mentions from buyers. In terms of trends, the carpet becomes an object of art. “It is therefore diverted from its main function, covering the floor, and finds itself hanging on the walls or even dressing sofas”, notes the same source.