Digital transformation at the heart of “Travel Tech Morocco”

The 1st edition of “Travel Tech Morocco” was held last Friday in Rabat, at the initiative of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) in partnership with the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT). The CNT has thus put the various Tech leaders, national and international, in touch with an audience of hoteliers, travel agents, restaurateurs, guides, with the aim of helping them in their digital transformation, it says. -on in a press release. Bet held for the CNT which has just organized the first edition of its Travel Tech. This forum thus enabled young Moroccan experts and international leaders of Travel Tech to discuss three themes in line with the major issues of the moment for all players in the sector, notes the press release, indicating that more than 100 professionals of the sector were there, not to mention those who followed the live streaming on the CNT channel. Speaking on this occasion, Hamid Bentahar, President of the Confederation, indicated that “our watchwords today are to co-create, innovate and connect Moroccan tourism leaders with national and international travel tech talents. ”. “This event thus strengthens the competitiveness of players and destinations and strengthens business to business activity between the two communities to develop a real commercial and distribution ecosystem,” he said. On the 1st theme “Destination Lab”, the 5 panelists discussed and offered their recommendations allowing the destination to double the number of visitors in the next 5 years. For Ali Beklen, co-founder of “HotelRunner”, an all-in-one online distribution solution for hotels and travel agencies, “the digitalization of all players in the sector and the use of technology will allow them to be present on as many media as possible. The destination thus gains visibility”. Rainer Schäfer, vice-president of GIATA, estimated that to allow hotels to manage and distribute their content globally, “Morocco must diversify its issuing markets and above all provide precise and detailed content that is always up to date”. As for Yahya Abbasi, the founder of Casbah Tourism Development, he considers “that the destination should absolutely put the customer at the heart of the debate, that it is necessary to understand their needs and above all to personalize the offer so that it is adapted to everyone” . Arden Agopyan, co-founder of “HotelRunner”, indicated, for his part, that “it is necessary to invest in the brand image and the e-reputation of the country, and also to ensure that all the institutions and actors of tourism and Tech work hand in hand with a common goal of promoting the destination”. In the 2nd panel, dedicated to distribution, as highlighted by Mohamed Kasmi, founder of Fractalite, a Moroccan leader in the creation of solutions for travel agencies, “the new generations are growing up with the internet, applications and smartphones; they therefore need digital channels to get information, organize and book their flights, hotels or experiences; you can't expect them to book through another channel that's not online”. For Riza Kaynak, Director of Demand for “HotelRunner”, he recommends “always following trends and innovations in order to always be up to date in terms of technology and distribution”. For his part, Niovi Alexandridou of OTA Insight, a competitive intelligence tool, then explained that “technology allows us to gain in efficiency, time and above all to make better and faster pricing, distribution and marketing decisions. ”. Guillaume Sardain of IDeaS, an advanced Revenue Management system, proposes to “trust more in the power of technology to automate tasks, and therefore also save time while making better decisions”. The founder of the Moroccan startup Pivot, which offers tools for national travel agencies, Fouad Boulasri, advises tourism players “to take advantage of technology to diversify their distribution channels, set up a direct online booking channel, and also optimizing booking processes through technology to better manage day-to-day operations”. In the 3rd panel on the theme of “Creative Lab”, the debates revolved around two essential topics, namely content and conversion. Rainer Schäfer of GIATA underlined, in this sense, that “holidays represent the notion of pleasure for everyone, and that we should therefore be able to encourage travelers to share their pleasure of being in Morocco, thus offering creative content , personalized coming directly from visitors, catchy, real content, where travelers recognize themselves through customer videos and content”. For Assil Bernossi, the founder of Userguest, a marketing solution improving the conversion of direct sales, it is important “to be able to show personalized offers in order to convert, and that investing in online marketing is also crucial to generate traffic and therefore sales. sales”. Zineb Jabri, the founder of Otelrev and expert in revenue management stresses for her part that “to succeed, you have to combine technology with human expertise”. Cihan Coskuntuncel, the director of Supply of “HotelRunner” also explains that “technology allows players to gain visibility around the world and above all to allow direct booking, therefore greater efficiency, combined with savings for the hotel establishment. ”. To conclude, Assil pointed out that today “with a few clicks, it is possible to place an order, reserve a table or a hotel room, as well as an experience. It is therefore crucial to reach customers these days to have the right tools to offer the best possible customer experience so that they convert by booking directly on the hotel or agency website”. On the sidelines of this forum, an agreement was signed between MM. Bentahar, Ali Beklen and Arden Agopyan, and Reda Aboudihaj and Christophe Bazille, co-founders of Hospitality Web Services, with the essential point of data sharing, the implementation of Freemium tools for CNT members, as well as the creation of an “Advisory Board”. “The CNT thus plays its role at the service of tourism operators in order to support them in their digital transformation and to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive global market”, concludes the press release.