[Editorial] SNCF's industrial challenges

Editorial by Emmanuel Duteil, editorial director of L'Usine Nouvelle. The train: a good time at a good price. It was the slogan of the SNCF in 1983. An idea that has aged badly. When some of you have the chance to go on vacation, between threat of strike and crowded trains, the railway company seems to be on the verge of asphyxiation. First of all, at the start of the year, there was the industrial failure of the launch of the new SNCF Connect application, which was supposed to facilitate ticket reservations. A historic failure that goes much further than the sarcasm of social networks. We can speak of total unpreparedness. It's a bit like Renault deciding to launch its new Megane without having done all the road tests first. Although the company has since corrected some of the criticisms, the damage is done. […] This article is reserved for our subscribers Support expert journalism. Already subscribed? Selected for you ON THE SAME SUBJECT The SNCF claims to have put all its TGVs into service to cope with the explosion in reservations “The ecological transition reinforces the relevance of rail”, welcomes the CEO of SNCF, Jean- Pierre Farandou