Entry into Morocco: Towards a relaxation of procedures before the summer

In a context of revival of tourism, the government is studying the possibility of simplifying the procedures for entering Morocco by air to make them identical to those for entering by sea. This is an idea that has been debated since the authorities deployed a vast strategy concerning the economic recovery plan, in particular that of tourism. If the decision to simplify entry procedures in Morocco is effective, citizens coming from “green zones” will have the choice of having a vaccination card or a “PCR” test, especially since to date , all epidemiological data permitting. The easing of travel conditions should be effective before the start of Operation Marhaba 2022, according to an authoritative source, quoted Hespress. This decision will make it possible to organize the entry of Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) during the summer holidays, as this will help to promote tourism and help MREs return to their families at less cost. In this regard, member of the scientific committee, Said Afif, told Hespress that “scientifically, it makes no difference whether you enter by sea or by air”, stressing that all epidemiological dates would allow a relaxation of precautionary measures. He added that “There were a number of occasions which did not affect the epidemiological situation, including the Tarawih prayer in the month of Ramadan and also the Eid prayer, not to mention that the stadiums football stadiums are crowded with tens of thousands of fans and there is no impact on the epidemiological situation, indicating that there is no significant spread of the virus. The member of the scientific committee cited a series of data allowing a slowdown, in particular the occupation of convalescent beds, which fell from 13% to 0.5%, and the rate of positive tests, which fell from 25% to 1%. However, he indicates that “The State is faced with the epidemiological situation and therefore the procedures may be the same whether traveling by sea or air, while the countries where the virus is spreading, such as China, are obliged to subject those who come out to a PCR test. Afif pointed out that “relaxing travel conditions would encourage community members to come; For example, for families of four, the price of PCR tests will match the price of airfare, which is exorbitant for some, not to mention that the easing will help revive tourism. Note that travelers arriving in the Kingdom by sea currently have the choice of either being in possession of a health passport or taking a “PCR” test, while travelers arriving by air always have both on them. documents they must carry.