Fez Festival of Sufi Culture: The program of the 14th edition unveiled

The concert “Journey to the Sufi Maqamats” opens the ball The 14th edition of the Fez Festival of Sufi culture, scheduled in digital format from October 9 to 16, announces its full program. Concerts, master classes, round tables, artistic exhibitions or literary cafes will be waiting for you. According to the organizers, the festival opens with a grand opening night titled “Journey to the Sufi Maqamats”. Hosted by Françoise Atlan and the ensemble of Mostapha Amri, this concert will offer, according to the initiators, an immersion in the musical styles and Sufi melodies of Morocco and Persia. The festival offers a live video visit on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the UNESCO listing of the medina of Fez as a world heritage of peregrinations. It offers several round tables organized around different themes. Among the themes chosen, we find “How to adapt spiritual literature to a youth audience?”, “Poetry and literature, an awakening to the spiritual dimension”, “Towards the creation of a living library of universal works”. The program also offers two online exhibitions. Thus the first is entitled “The quest for the Essen-Ciel (after the Song of the Birds) by the calligrapher Rany Rouabah. Cradled since his childhood in the zaouias by Sufi stories and rhythms, Rany Rouabah, illuminator calligrapher, offers us a calligraphic journey in a masterful illustration, mixing tradition and modernity of the 12th century work of Fariduddin ‘Attar ”, explains- your. As for the second, it is entitled “You are forever a traveler (after Ibn Arabi)” by the visual artist Najoua El Hitmi. The festival also offers the screening of the film “Le grand voyage d'Ibn Battuta – From Tangier to Mecca”. Finally, to benefit from this 14th edition, the organizers are calling on those interested to register on the Soufi Heritage digital platform, dedicated since October 2020 to master class programs. “To succeed in this bet intended to raise our collective consciousness and intelligence, we need everyone to register as soon as possible for the platform which automatically includes registration for the Festival”, indicate the organizers. And to note that “it is not only a question of an act of adhesion which signs the interest to accompany this adventure of the spirit, but also and especially of support for this great project to drink us at the sources” Sufism and the great spiritualities of humanity, thanks to the transmission of these works by international specialists ”.