FIEI – Panel 2: “Morocco needs reliable, competitive and low carbon energy”

International Industry Energies Forum (FIEI) which began this morning of July 27, was furnished with six panels, the second of which looked at “the energy needs of Moroccan industry towards a sustainable model”. Omar Alaoui Mhamdi, Deputy Director General of Taqa Morocco said on July 27 that what Morocco needs today is to have an industry with reliable, abundant, competitive and low-carbon energy, during the first edition of the International Industry Energies Forum (FIEI) in Casablanca. It was during the second panel of the FIEI where he was invited to react on the needs of Moroccan Industry that the DGA of Taqa Morocco, confided that Morocco has made enormous progress since 2013, when the Kingdom was an importer of 21 % of electric power in Europe, before its capacity to install electricity increased from 6,900 megawatts (MW) to 11,000 MW today. For Omar Alaoui, Morocco has taken a huge step forward, to the point of being now an exporting country. With the PERG program, the growth of electrical energy, which achieved sustained growth of 6.5% between the period 2005 to 2012, experienced a certain deceleration from 2012 to 2020, with growth around 3.3%. “Now, we have industrial recovery plans that are dedicated to increasing national electricity consumption with low-carbon energy production and we have all the assets to do so, as the leading private energy producer. With all these assets, Morocco is capable of producing electricity at the cost of 50 cents, and it is something achievable from tomorrow ”The DGA of Taqa Morocco is not the only one to defend these arguments, the panelists of qualities present at the Forum, namely Mohssine Semmar, member of the Management Board of MedZ, a subsidiary of CDG Développement; Stephen Orr, Vice President and General Manager of Spirit AeroSystems, also President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco; Sébastien Robert Managing Director of Voltalia; Philippe Miquel, President of Engie Services Morocco and Managing Director of Engie North Africa; Alykhan Kassam Director General North Africa of John Cockerill agree that Morocco has the means to produce low carbon energy. But above all, it must switch to renewable energy for sustainable development, to preserve the planet for future generations.