Five figures to remember about Ariane 5 before its 117th and final flight

The European Ariane 5 rocket is due to make its last trip from the Kourou base (Guyana) on the night of July 5 to 6, 2023. Back in figures to the great career of the “old lady”. End clap for Ariane 5. The rocket should take off for the last time on the night of July 5 to 6, 2023 from Kourou, French Guiana, between 00:00 a.m. and 1:05 a.m. Paris time. The flight, already postponed several times in recent weeks, has been postponed by 24 hours to guarantee better weather conditions. For its ultimate mission, the European rocket will send two satellites, the French Syracuse 4B and the German Heinrich-Hertz-Satellite (H2Sat). On its first floor, a four-leaf clover one meter high and the inscription “Good luck old lady for the last flight” (“Good luck, old lady, for your last flight”) brings him luck, as during of the last Ariane 4 flight in 2003. While waiting for the countdown, L’Usine Nouvelle looks back in figures on its long career. 27 years of activity […] This article is reserved for our subscribers L’Usine Nouvelle Support expert journalism. Already subscribed? LOGIN ON THE SAME TOPIC [En images] 250 flights and 40 years of history… The milestones of Ariane rockets Space Europe “under pressure” to get Ariane 6 off the ground as soon as possible What planes can learn from rockets about hydrogen