Following the failed launch of its New Shepard rocket, Blue Origin experiences its first blow

On its fourth flight of 2022 and during an uncrewed mission, billionaire Jeff Bezos' New Shepard rocket crashed into the ground shortly after takeoff on September 12. Security remains a major imperative for new players betting on space tourism. The fourth launch of the year of the New Shepard rocket from the Blue Origin space base in West Texas did not go as planned on September 22. Booster failure on today's uncrewed flight. Escape system performed as designed. — Blue Origin (@blueorigin) September 12, 2022 The video is impressive: the rocket, without a crew on board, rises straight up into the sky like an I. After a minute of flight, a flame more important escapes from the booster. Everything then follows very quickly: the launcher tilts slightly so that it is no longer completely vertical. In the fraction of a second that follows, the capsule at the top of the rocket, ignites its powerful engines and extracts itself as provided for in the rescue procedure. The capsule will eventually fall back on solid ground after a descent damped by its three parachutes. After 22 successful launches, Blue Origin has just suffered its first major failure. A few hours after the launch, the company explained that the accident was due to a malfunction of the booster, but was nevertheless pleased that the evacuation system had worked as planned. […] This article is reserved for our subscribers Support expert journalism. Already subscribed? YOUR INDICES source Selected for you ON THE SAME SUBJECT Space tourism takes off For NASA, the return to the Moon promises to be more difficult than expected