Foreign tourists after the earthquake: “Continue coming to Morocco” (VIDEO)

After the earthquake which struck several provinces of the Kingdom last Friday, several foreign tourists wanted to express their support for Moroccans. At the same time, they called on other tourists to continue coming to Marrakech despite the terrible earthquake which caused significant human and material damage. “You do not have to be afraid. In Marrakech, only a few buildings were affected. We must continue to come to Morocco because it is a very beautiful country,” confided a French tourist. A Swiss woman, for her part, indicated: “Coming to Morocco is not dramatic. Friends here assured me that the situation is different from what we saw on television. Another tourist said he refused to cancel his flight after the earthquake. “It is in these moments that we must be present, particularly in Marrakech, the capital of tourism. The courage, tenacity and solidarity of Moroccans are an example. It makes me very happy to be there,” he assured. HM Join and receive our newsletters Back button at the top of the page