Forsa celebrates its 10,000 winners for the first edition

The Forsa program benefited under its first edition to some 10,000 project leaders who are now starting a new adventure and realizing their dream of becoming entrepreneurs, indicates the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts and Social Economy and solidarity. In strong alignment with the development objectives of entrepreneurship in Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Forsa has been able to stimulate a new culture of entrepreneurship, particularly among young people, underlines the ministry in a press release. And to add that due to the success of this first edition and in line with the entrepreneurial dynamic triggered by this innovative program, a second edition will be launched in February to finance 10,000 new project leaders. “Forsa has demonstrated that from a simple project idea, close support and innovative financing, entrepreneurship becomes within everyone’s reach”, rejoices Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Crafts and the social and solidarity economy, also in charge of the Forsa government program, cited in the press release. Read also: Forsa program: an allocated envelope of 1.25 billion dirhams in 2023 Indeed, Forsa has made it possible to democratize access to entrepreneurship thanks to its digital platform which has allowed anyone from any region to apply , simplified eligibility based on the potential of the project and the motivation of the project leader as the main criteria and a strong contribution in training and support that has made it possible to demystify entrepreneurship for thousands of people with ideas, specifies the same source. With regard to financing, a major obstacle to entrepreneurship, Forsa has given access to financing to a segment of the population that could not have benefited from the traditional banking system. Thus, in less than four months, the program held more than 600 financing commissions at the local level, which made it possible to sign contracts and finance 10,000 project leaders. The amounts granted were based on the nature of the project and its development potential. “The 10,000 happy beneficiaries have already started work on their project thanks in particular to the training and close support they received,” notes the same source. According to the ministry, these beneficiaries are young people between the ages of 18 and 35, representing 65% of the sponsors of financed projects, coming from all the regions of the Kingdom with a regional representativeness correlated to that of the distribution of the population by region. They are also active in all sectors of activity including services, trade, tourism, crafts, agriculture and others, mainly auto-entrepreneurs: 60% of project leaders have opted for the status auto-entrepreneur, and in formal activity since 50% of the sponsors of funded projects have regularized their legal status and moved to a formal activity. The program has also made it possible to discover inspiring and motivated project leaders, the ministry continues, noting that women represented 20% of applications for the launch of the program and 20% of funded projects. An encouraging participation that testifies to a growing entrepreneurial desire on the part of women. It is also important to remember that support and training are at the heart of the program. Nearly 22,000 candidates followed the e-learning training on the Forsa Academy platform, made up of 10 modules based around the development of the project idea, the choice of legal form, the definition of the target, the understanding of the basics of digital marketing, cost control, budgeting, etc. With MAP