Forsa: Let's go for the financing of the first projects!

The “Forsa” entrepreneurship support program has started financing its first projects, following meetings, held in several regions, of financing commissions, the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Tourism said on Monday. ‘Social and solidarity economy. “For several weeks, the program has been showing an acceleration of all of its selection and support stages, which has allowed the holding, as announced, of the first financing commissions at the end of July,” the ministry said in a press release. To this end, several regions held their first financing commissions, having been able to identify the first sponsors of financed projects as well as the amounts of the loan of honor granted. This week will see the generalization of financing commissions to all regions and the gradual acceleration of the pace of granting financing to project leaders who have completed their e-learning training and their support by incubators. The objective of the program, within the framework of this first edition, is to finance at least 10,000 projects in 2022, recalls the ministry. The analysis of the first requests for financing showed needs in amounts differentiated according to the projects, which will make it possible, possibly, to exceed the objective of 10,000 projects “if the budgetary envelope dedicated to the program allows it”.