Government Council: Scholarships and key reforms on the agenda

Head of government Aziz Akhannouch will chair a meeting of the Government Council on Thursday with an agenda focused on scholarships. At the start of the meeting, the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy will give a presentation on the achievements in the tourism sector and present the 2023-2026 roadmap, according to a press release from the Department of Head of government. Subsequently, the Council will examine a draft law aimed at amending and supplementing the legislation on the acquisition, construction and overhaul of fishing vessels. The meeting will also discuss two draft decrees: the first amends and completes the duration of training cycles at the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, as well as the corresponding diplomas; the second modifies and supplements the terms and conditions for the payment of scholarships to students, as well as the terms and conditions for the provision of credits reserved for these scholarships by the National Office for University, Social and Cultural Works. READ ALSO: Nearly half of Moroccan students drop out without a diploma Finally, the Council will conclude its work by examining proposals for appointment to senior positions, in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution. Subsequently, the government will hold a private meeting to examine certain legislative proposals. Back to top button