Great mobilization of ONEE to support the socio-economic development of the Oriental Region

Drinking water supply and liquid sanitation The Oriental Region is experiencing sustained economic and social development. In order to support the development of this region, which has significant potential (agriculture, tourism, industrial and logistics zones, etc.), the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), has carried out an ambitious investment program at the level of the provinces of the Oriental in the sectors of drinking water supply (DWS) and liquid sanitation during the last 20 years. This program, with a total cost of 6.67 billion dirhams, has made it possible to build major drinking water infrastructures which have made it possible to increase the total production capacity to nearly 423,000 m3 / d through numerous boreholes and wells and 4 treatment stations and thus meet demand despite the context of the scarcity of water resources exacerbated by climatic hazards. As for the liquid sanitation component, 19 wastewater treatment plants with a total treatment capacity of around 93,000 m3 / d have been built. Among the flagship projects carried out in the field of drinking water supply in the region are the water treatment station of the Machraâ Hammadi dam intended for the drinking water supply of the cities of Oujda, Taourirt and neighboring centers with a capacity of 83,800 m3 / d, the Berkane treatment station for a production flow of 44,930 m3 / d and the treatment station intended for the AEP of the centers under the provinces of Nador and Driouch for a capacity of 124,420 m3 / d. In terms of liquid sanitation, ONEE notably built the Grand Nador activated sludge-type treatment plant with a capacity of 20,600 m3 / d. This project, with a strong environmental impact, is part of the fight against pollution in the city of Nador and the neighboring centers and the protection of the Marchica lagoon. In rural areas, and thanks to the efforts made by ONEE, the rate of access to drinking water in the region reached 97.6% at the end of 2020 against 63% in 2004. In addition and with a view to support the future development of the region, major structuring projects in the areas of drinking water and liquid sanitation are programmed by ONEE for the period 2021-2027. These projects consist of strengthening, securing and improving the performance of existing installations and generalizing access to drinking water in rural areas. In addition, the Office is continuing to carry out several liquid sanitation projects at the regional centers. Among the large-scale projects underway or programmed by the Office are the extension of the Berkane treatment station for a flow of 11,230 m3 / d (53.6 million dirhams) and the city's water supply system. from Guercif and neighboring centers from the Targa Oumadi dam with a capacity of 25,920 m3 / d (438 Million Dirhams). ONEE has also planned to strengthen the city of Oujda and neighboring centers from the Mohammed V – Mechraâ Hammadi dam complex with a capacity of 86,400 m3 / d (1.2 billion dirhams). These projects, which fall within the framework of the National Program for the Supply of Drinking Water and Irrigation 2020-2027 (PNAEPI), the agreement of which was signed in front of HIS MAJESTY THE KING THAT GOD ASSISTS HIM on January 13, 2020, will make it possible to secure the supply of drinking water in the region and will contribute to improving the living conditions of the populations