Hajj 2023: Citizens selected in the draw called upon to withdraw and complete their selection certificates

The Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy (Tourism Department) calls on citizens selected for the draw for Hajj 2023 to collect their selection certificates from local authorities and fill them in and have them stamped by the travel agencies authorized to organize the pilgrimage for this year. “The department thus invites pilgrims to withdraw their selection certificates issued by the local authorities and to fill them in and have them stamped by the travel agencies selected to organize the Hajj and chosen by the pilgrims, in accordance with the provisions of the minutes of the meetings of the Royal Commission in charge of pilgrimage, taking care to inform the nature of the product as well as the totality of the amount covered by the contract (including all the costs) in order to proceed to its payment with one of the agencies of Al Barid Bank between February 27 and March 10, 2023,” the ministry said in a statement. The pilgrim must also ensure that the total amount specified by the agency and mentioned in the contract corresponds to the amount paid to the Al Barid Bank agencies, specifies the same source, adding that the pilgrims are required to pay all the costs of the pilgrimage in a single payment. Anxious to enlighten all citizens wishing to perform the rites of Hajj through tourist travel agencies, and to make them aware of their rights and duties, the Department of Tourism emphasizes that it is the right of pilgrims to obtain information from the chosen agencies, before signing the contract, about the services offered, the prices and the terms of payment, as well as the conditions for terminating the contract in order to preserve the interests of all the contracting parties and to ensure that the pilgrimage takes place in the best conditions. The department also informs all citizens of the possibility of consulting the list of travel agencies authorized to organize the Hajj process for the year 2023 on the portal of the Department of Tourism via the link https:/ /mtaess.gov.ma/ar/av-haj-2023/, as well as with regional and provincial delegations under the Department of Tourism, the statement concludes. With MAP