Hidden in 40 black suitcases… Big cocaine seizure in Tanger Med

The national security services at the Tangier Med port thwarted a major international drug and psychotropic drug trafficking operation on Monday and seized a ton and 355 kg of cocaine. This qualitative security operation is part of the continuous efforts made by the services of the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) to fight against international cocaine trafficking operations and neutralize the dangers and threats emanating from organized crime networks. transnational, indicates a press release from the DGSN. The excavation control measures carried out by the national security services raised suspicions concerning the method of sealing a container on board a cruise ship flying the flag of a European State which had departed from a port. in Brazil bound for the ports of Antwerp and Portbury which required it to be subjected to a meticulous search by the cynotechnical brigades, adds the same source, letting it be known that this search led to the discovery and seizure of packaged cargoes of cocaine and hidden in 40 black suitcases. The findings and the technical expertise carried out revealed that the smuggling of this record quantity of cocaine was carried out by the criminal method known as “rip-on / rip-off” which consists of breaking the customs seals sealing the containers intended for for export to the country of embarkation to be able to load them with cocaine before affixing new falsified and illegal seals, knowing that the containers in question were sealed after having undergone control procedures. The search and investigation in this case were entrusted to the national judicial police brigade under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office in order to identify all the people linked to this criminal network involved in the attempted trafficking of cocaine cargoes. , as well as its regional and international ramifications, the statement concludes. IH