Inside the leatherback turtle rescue operation in Dakhla

By Souilme Bouaamoud on 2022/07/17 at 6:13 p.m. A sea turtle on Lahraigua beach. © Copyright: Souilme Bouaamoud / Le360 A group including young environmental activists and foreign tourists took the initiative yesterday, Saturday July 16, 2022, to save a sea turtle that almost died on the beach of Lahraigua, 30 kilometers from Dakhla . Images. This collective environmental initiative took place after a local fisherman reported the presence of a leatherback turtle on the coast. This was transported on a board, used in water sports, over a distance of no less than 3 kilometers, towards the sea. Interviewed by Le360, one of the young environmental activists explained that the beach of Lahraigua, located 30 kilometers from Dakhla, is renowned for its high tides, which cause the stranding of several marine animals. Unpublished: sea turtles, by the hundreds, take refuge in the bay of Dakhla The leatherback turtle is the largest of the seven current species of sea turtle, the largest of the turtles in general, and the fourth largest reptile after three crocodilians . It can reach more than 2 meters in length and weigh more than 900 kilograms. It is also the most migratory of all reptiles. The leatherback sea turtle can cross entire ocean basins and has specialized characteristics that allow it to survive in waters far too cold for other sea turtles. By Souilme Bouamoud