Israel: a market that can boost tourism in Morocco

By Khalil Rachdi on 04/03/2022 10:31 PM (updated 04/03/2022 10:34 PM) Passengers and crew members of the Israir flight operating the first commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Marrakech, in morning of July 25, 2021, at Ben Gurion airport. © Copyright: DR Kiosque360. As Pesach, one of Judaism's pilgrimage festivals, approaches, Morocco is preparing to welcome several thousand Moroccan Jews who have settled in Israel. A new source market for the Kingdom, which can support recovery. This article is a press review of the weekly La Vie Éco. From mid-April, the Jewish community prepares to celebrate Passover, one of Judaism's major pilgrimage holidays. In its weekly issue, La Vie Éco notes that several thousand Moroccan Jews living in Israel “would probably like to spend this holiday in Morocco”. A boon for the Kingdom which, with new direct lines connecting it to Israel, can count on this outbound market to boost its tourism. This opportunity, the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) is aware of it. According to the weekly, the institution headed by Adil Fakir is currently campaigning in Tel Aviv. After Paris and London, the Office made a stopover on March 29 in the Israeli capital to support Moroccan tourism operators. Among the announced objectives, the establishment of new partnerships with Israeli prescribers. After a first conclusive meeting with the airline ISRAIR, the ONMT teams continued the process of activating the air routes between the two countries, reports La Vie Éco. On the program, a meeting with the company El Al to discuss the increase in air frequencies. The ONMT thus hopes for the establishment of the Tel Aviv-Casablanca and Tel Aviv-Marrakech links. As a reminder, ONMT officials chaired a large delegation of Moroccan tourism operators. This delegation traveled to the Israeli capital to take part in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) fair in Tel-Aviv, on March 29 and 30. According to La Vie Éco, this mass is the biggest meeting of the tourist industry in Israel. Adel El Fakir, general manager of the ONMT, explains that “this first participation was conclusive on several levels. It was important for the office to support Moroccan operators with a view to attracting new partners and setting up collaboration models to activate tourist flows from this high-potential market”. By Khalil Rachdi