It's time to increase the number of emergency responders in Morocco (Dr. Ibrahimi)

Emergency medicine in Morocco is facing several challenges, especially “the remarkable deficit” of practitioners, noted, Saturday in Rabat, the director of the biotechnology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Dr. Azeddine. Ibrahimi. “Currently, we are left with only twenty emergency doctors in Morocco”, he lamented, insisting that “it is time to increase the number of patricians in this discipline”. Speaking within the framework of the work of the 5th International Congress of the Moroccan Society of Emergency Medicine (SMMU), Dr. Ibrahimi said that in view of the royal desire to extend social and medical coverage to million citizens, “efficient emergency medicine is more than ever an absolute priority”. Emphasizing the contribution of military medicine to the promotion of this specialty in the Kingdom, he assured that “it is thanks to the activism and the commitment of professors and military associates that this discipline has survived”, expressing the wish to be able to recruit in the near future the first teachers / researchers in civil emergency medicine. In a statement to MAP on the sidelines of Congress, Dr. Ibrahimi observed that during the pandemic, much has been demonstrated, including the indisputable fact that “without emergency medicine that responds during crises, we cannot will not be able to get by ”. “It is a plea to save Moroccan lives and we need our emergency physicians and our resuscitators” he said, reiterating his call to promote this specialty and to upgrade training in this area, especially as the 21st century is characterized by successive health crises. In addition, the director of the biotechnology laboratory recalled that the SMMU, thanks to its white paper published following the holding of its Academic Council on June 15, 2020, pleaded in favor of improving the practice of medicine in emergency in Morocco and the working conditions of emergency operators. The Congress will formulate a set of recommendations, in the hope of seeing the achievement of tangible progress in improving the situation of emergency medicine in Morocco in the years to come, he said. With MAP