“Joyful dialogue with a dead person” by Bahaa Trabelsi: A round trip between the afterlife and life on earth

A meeting to present and sign the novel “Joyful dialogue with a dead man” by writer and journalist Bahaa Trabelsi, was held on Thursday evening in Salé, at the initiative of the scientific and cultural animation club of the Bouregreg Association. Published by Editions la Croisée des chemins, this 314-page multi-genre novel is part of the existential quest and aims to be a spiritual journey that goes beyond scientific limits, while linking literature and dystopia. “The book tells the story of a 21st century woman, anxious to have her life under control, and who thinks that the will and the determination are enough to succeed in this control according to scientific criteria, until the day when she going to live an experience of imminent death (EMI)”, explains Ms. Trabelsi. This kind of “back and forth between the beyond and life on earth”, she adds, will ensure that this main character borrows unexpected paths, which will subsequently allow him to see the world differently and to learn a lot from this spiritual quest, including “free will” and “awakening”. Returning to the conceptual richness of this book which introduces philosophical, theological and scientific concepts, the writer highlighted the importance of what people can qualify as “irrational” or “magical” in the start of the method. scientific which, in turn, stems from “intuition”. Describing this 7th novel by Ms. Trabelsi as “a workshop of facts”, the teacher of French literature, Fadoua El Babili, praised this work which brings together all the ingredients of “beautiful literature”, noting that it is of a guided journey between literary registers. “Bahaa in his writing respects the reader” she noted, highlighting the intelligent nature of this story which requires an informed reader and which serves as an accompaniment to anyone who is on a spiritual and existential quest. This ceremony was organized as part of the launch of the Bouregreg Association's scientific and cultural activities club, whose main mission is to promote intellectual and creative encounters, in particular through the establishment of a regular program of encounters. Bahaa Trabelsi, who has several works to his credit, including “A Woman Simply” and “Slim”, received the +Prix Ivoire for African literature of French-speaking expression+ in 2014 for his book “Parlez-moi d'amour!” and the +Sofitel Tour Blanche Literary Prize+ in 2017 for “The concierge's chair”.