Kick off of the 5th Educational Film Festival for children in summer camps

The kick-off of the 5th edition of the Educational Film Festival for children in summering centers will be given today, under the theme “Consolidating children's cinema”. This event, which will continue until August 14 in the summer camp centers of the cities of Mohammedia, Bouznika, Harhoura and Casablanca, will allow children to discover the world with a different perspective. Because as with books, painting or music, films stimulate children's artistic sensibility and make them want to invent and experiment. A child, during the different stages of his intellectual development, builds his own vision of the world through his real experience with things but also through all their scientific and artistic representations. The festival thus represents a formidable space of confrontations, of crossed glances and exchanges. It is a cultural place of bond building for children and invention for all educational actors. It is also a space for popular education, articulating the “seeing” of films with the “talking” of great witnesses, which allows the questions of education to be cleared up again and again. The organizers of the festival have concocted a rich and diversified program with an official competition which provides for the participation of 9 films, namely: “The last wave” by Mustapha Fermati (Morocco), “La gamine major” by Hamza El Maazi (Morocco) , “Le pain nu” by Mohamed Louhi (Morocco), “Visages” by Mehdi Mahjoubi (Morocco), “Yak Al Bhar” by Yassine Samih (Morocco), “Radia” by Chaimae Tafech (Egypt), “Al Qatii” by Sardar Zankana (Iraq), “Balalika” by May El Hadiwi (Egypt) and “Sunflowers” by Ali Sahar (Egypt). These short films will compete for five prizes, namely the Grand Prize, the Special Jury Prize, the Best Child Actress Prize, the Best Child Actor Prize and the Audience Prize (given by the children of the camp). summer). The jury responsible for deciding between them will be chaired by actor and director Driss Roukh, with actress Mounia Lemkimel, actor Younes Ben Chakour, screenwriter Saad Ben Hassine and author and painter Mustapha Ghazlani at his side. Also on the program of this festival which aims to provide guidance for the benefit of children in terms of viewing skills and constructive debates, a scientific conference around the children of Moroccan cinema, with the participation of writers and film critics. A masterclass is also planned with the artist Mohamed Khouyi, in addition to artistic workshops or a book signing session “About cinema: in Morocco and the Mediterranean, between yesterday and today” by the author Ahmed Fertat. Tributes will also be paid to two emblematic figures of Moroccan cinema: Kamal Kadimi and Fatima Ouchay. Finally, remember that the Soura Association for Cultural Heritage, initiator of the event, aims to achieve sustainable development in all areas. It seeks to open up to all cultures and universal human values, while preserving Moroccan identity, taking an interest in the human element and defending the rights of children, young people and women with a view to use the values ​​of citizenship and contribute to serious and lasting associative work.