Launch of a call for tenders for the installation of seaweed farms in the province of Chefchaouen

The Chamber of Maritime Fisheries of the Mediterranean has launched a call for tenders for the equipment and installation of seaweed farms for the benefit of artisanal fishing cooperatives in the region of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima. The Chamber specified, in a press release, that the call for tenders, which will be opened on October 29 at the Chamber's headquarters in Tangier, concerns the installation of seaweed farms for the benefit of artisanal fishing cooperatives at the level from the coast stretching from Chmaâla to Kaa Asras, in the province of Chefchaouen, reports the MAP. It thus fixed the estimated cost of the construction works of these farms at around 3.87 million dirhams, noting that this work must be completed within a period not exceeding 7 months. According to the call for tenders, the contract will be executed in two phases, which relate to the equipment and installation of 20 algae culture lines of 300 meters each, at the rate of 10 lines at the level of Chmaâla and 10 others in Kaa Asras. This project is part of the development of aquaculture, identified by the “Halieutis” plan as a lever for the development of the fisheries sector in its sustainability axis, said the same source, noting that studies of plans for Aquaculture development carried out by the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture in the different regions of the Kingdom have made it possible to highlight Morocco's natural potential in terms of aquaculture, in particular mussel farming for which 3,000 ha have been reserved. To succeed in this challenge, the Moroccan government intends to integrate aquaculture into the socio-economic fabric of the various maritime regions as an activity in its own right, with the development of all links in the fisheries value chain. It is in this context that artisanal fishing cooperatives benefit from financial and technical support for the initiation of their aquaculture farm projects in the various regions of the Kingdom.