Learning, defense, ecological transition… The government's priorities for the 2023 budget

In an interview with Les Echos on August 8, the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Gabriel Attal reveals which ministries will see their budgets increase in 2023. Three priorities have been established: employment, education and defence. The purchasing power package adopted, parliamentarians can go on extended vacation. There will be no extraordinary session in September, the return to school is not planned before the beginning of October for the deputies (freshly elected in June) and the senators. But already, the government is clearing the hot files for the start of the school year. In particular the 2023 budget which will be debated in the fall. In an interview with the newspaper Les Echos, Gabriel Attal, Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, delivers the first outline. No more “whatever the cost”: spending will decrease by 0.3% in 2023, he announces, with the objective of reaching a deficit of 5% of GDP in 2023. But not all ministries will not be subjected to the dry regime. Some will see their endowment increase. YOUR INDICES source A boost to apprenticeship “The Employment budget will increase by 6.7 billion euros, in particular to finance the ramp-up of apprenticeship, with a target of 1 million apprentices in ‘here at the end of the five-year term,' says Gabriel Attal. The aid for recruiting apprentices, extended until the end of 2022, could therefore continue in 2023, perhaps in a different form or more gradually. 718,000 apprenticeship contracts were signed in 2021, a record. The National Education budget will increase by 3.6 billion euros. 3 billion more for defense Another priority of the 2023 budget: defence. Consistent with the speech of the Head of State who wants a reassessment of the Military Programming Law 2019-2025 to meet the requirements of a “war economy” and approach the bar of 2% of GDP in 2025. Armed Forces credits should increase by 3 billion euros in 2023. The Defense budget is 41 billion euros in 2022. 3.3 billion bonuses for environmental transition Finally, the “ecological transition” component will have 3, An additional 3 billion euros, divided between the ministries of environmental transition, agriculture and territorial cohesion. “The aim is in particular to accelerate the energy renovation of buildings and to continue the greening of the vehicle fleet”, explains the Minister Delegate. Among the measures planned for 2023: a leasing offer to allow low-income households to switch to electric cars. Selected for you ON THE SAME SUBJECT Elisabeth Borne confirms the total nationalization of EDF and the abolition of the CVAE from 2023 The Court of Auditors calls for the end of exceptional aid for learning