London-Heathrow loses 600,000 passengers due to Omicron

During the month of December, 600,000 passengers canceled their travel plans from Heathrow due to Omicron and the uncertainty caused by restrictions on international travel, London airport said on Tuesday. “The Covid-19 continues to pose significant challenges to the travel industry,” said the Terminal in a press release, specifying that the number of passengers in transit on its site fell further in 2021. The busiest airport in the The United Kingdom only welcomed 19.4 million passengers last year, a quarter of its pre-pandemic levels and 12.3% lower than in 2020, the same source adds. The largest drop in passenger numbers last year was seen for Asia-Pacific (-40.3%), non-EU Europe (-13.8%) and North America (-13.6%) destinations ). The European Union was slightly less affected (-9.9%). Heathrow says it has “significant doubts about the speed at which demand will recover” as forecasts from the International Air Transport Association (Iata) “suggest passenger numbers will not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2025” . While England already eased Covid-19 testing requirements for new arrivals last week, the airport group “urges the UK government to end all testing for fully vaccinated passengers”. It also calls for the adoption of more predictable and circumscribed rules of conduct “for any appearance of worrying variants in the future”. In October, Heathrow announced that it had accumulated a total of 3.4 billion pounds in losses since the start of the pandemic and said it had continued to lose money in the first three quarters of 2021 despite the lifting of health restrictions. With MAP