M.Akhannouch: “The government is fully mobilized to diversify the tourist offer and adapt it to the new demands of tourists”

Green indicators for national tourism. This is what emerges from the intervention of the Head of Government before the Chamber of Councillors. “The sector recovered, in just 10 months, 84% of tourists, compared to 2019, considered a reference year, noting that this recovery rate is higher than the global average recovery rate, which is estimated at 63%” , said the head of the Executive. And to continue: “Also, tourist receipts in foreign currencies exceeded the ceiling of 91 billion dirhams at the end of 2022, an increase of + 116% compared to 2019 and 166% compared to the year 2021”. For the Head of Government and thanks to the efforts and good management of the post-pandemic period, in addition to the great success of the vaccination campaign, Morocco has experienced a very strong recovery after the opening of the borders, in the month of March 2022, having welcomed, between March and December 2022, approximately 11 million tourists, with an increase of +292% compared to 2021 (3.7 million tourists), and +391% compared to 2020 (2, 7 million tourists). Promotional campaigns The same source explained that the Government has worked on the launch of vast promotional campaigns to promote Morocco’s tourism potential at local and international levels, and to promote Morocco as a destination in all strategic markets. In this context, the “Ntla9aw f bladna” campaign was launched, encouraging Moroccans from Morocco and abroad to discover the potential and the tourist wealth of Morocco. The “Visit Morocco” platform, dedicated to international tourism, was also launched, in addition to the “Morocco, Kingdom of Lights” brand, which was launched simultaneously in 20 countries. Through these promotional campaigns, the government aims to increase the visibility of the Kingdom, to promote Moroccan tourism worldwide and to open up to new markets, particularly American and Asian. Human capital According to Mr. Akhannouch, the government is also working to qualify the human capital operating in the tourism sector, enabling it to follow global trends and developments to achieve excellence, especially in a competitive environment, convinced that the development of the sector cannot be done without qualified human resources which effectively contribute to achieving the quality standards required in the tourism sector. The head of government said that the tourism sector is a sector eminently vulnerable to crises, Morocco learned this during the pandemic it experienced, like the rest of the world. To strengthen this sector in the face of exogenous shocks, the government is working on a holistic approach for an innovative Moroccan model of sustainable tourism capable of meeting challenges in all their forms, whether health, environmental or economic. Mobilization Number 1 of the Executive explained that the government is fully mobilized in order to diversify the tourist offer and adapt it to the new demands of tourists, particularly in terms of cultural, rural, mountain and ecological tourism, which will allow our country to attract a diverse segment of visitors throughout the year.