Marrakech boasts of its assets for the achievement of the objectives of the roadmap of the tourism sector.

A working meeting intended to present the main axes of the strategic roadmap for the tourism sector for the period 2023-2026 and the means mobilized for its efficient implementation was held this Friday in Marrakech, in the presence of institutional actors, officials, elected officials, professionals and partners. This meeting is the first stage of a regional tour and is an opportunity to meet all the stakeholders to discuss and discuss the general context and the different axes and objectives of this national tourism roadmap. The Minister of Tourism, Fatim-Zahra Amor insisted on the role that the Marrakech-Safi region will play in this new vision, given its enormous tourist potential in urban areas and in the hinterland. For their part, the wilaya and the local authorities will carry out a steering mission through the regional plan monitoring committee as well as support in the implementation of the locomotive projects and the prerequisites for the development of the sectors. They will also participate in the work of the Impulse Laboratories in charge of developing the tourist sectors as well as in the regional animation structures. Several projects are part of this roadmap, according to the wali of the region Karim Kassi-Lahlou. Thus, the upgrading of the existing hotel park, the creation of new hotel structures, the diversification of cultural and leisure products, the emergence of a fabric of dynamic and modern VSMEs and the strengthening of human capital are all essential levers. to improve the quality of the sector and also offer better career prospects to young people in the region. Three priority projects have been programmed, including the creation of an exhibition center and a convention center, at a cost of more than 937 MDH, including 320 MDH as a contribution from the council. In addition to two other projects relating to the upgrading and development of the Oukaïmden ski resort and the improvement of access to this magical site, for a total amount of 270 MDH Among these projects also includes the establishment of a regional support and development program for the sector, with a budget of 13 million dirhams, relating to the promotion of tourist destinations in the region, the strengthening of tourist attractiveness, the support for the activities of the Regional Tourism Council (CRT) and capacity building for stakeholders in the sector at the regional level.