Marrakech: the “Rahba Kedima” spice market designated among the most exciting in the world

The “Rahba Kedima” spice market in Marrakech has been named one of the most exciting in the world in the travel section of the British version of “National Geographic” magazine. The souks of the fortified medina of the city of Marrakech are intoxicating, but none more so than the place of spices, notes the media in its spring 2022 issue, adding that the stalls and shops hidden from view offer everything from star anise to cinnamon sticks and saffron strands at relatively low prices. In addition, “the center of the square is bustling with people selling everything you are looking for, from argan oil to herbal cosmetics”, underlines the same source, who particularly recommends leaving with the mixtures. aromatic spices, including the famous ras el hanout, which revive the senses. Alongside Rahba Kedima, six other markets around the world are mentioned by National Geographic, these are the Dubai Spice Market, the Mercado Benito Juárez in Oxaca, Mexico, the Mısır Çarşısı in Istanbul, Turkey, the Khari Baoli in Delhi, India, La Boqueria in Barcelona, ​​Spain and Mombasa Spice Market in Kenya. Places “colorful and always full of atmosphere, which are often the highlight of a trip to the city”, concludes the publication. SL (with MAP)