MEDZ takes stock of its 20 years of existence

MEDZ, a subsidiary of CDG Développement (CDG Group), has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, which was an opportunity to look back on its history and its achievements. MEDZ, which was created in 2002 to support the State in its tourism strategy, quickly developed expertise and know-how to become today the leader in Morocco in the development and management of industrial and offshoring business parks. , the company said in a statement. In 20 years, it has gone from a single-project company created for the development of a tourist area to a company benefiting from a portfolio of 25 industrial, offshoring and tourist areas spread throughout Morocco and which supports several strategies. sectors (Industrial Acceleration Plan, Generation Green, Halieutis, National Strategy in the field of Renewable Energies, National Digital Strategy), welcomed the territorial development operator. In addition to the 2,000 hectares developed at the level of its business parks, MEDZ has also to its credit the development of 400,000 m² of office floors dedicated to rental, which have contributed to making the Morocco offer a destination positioned in the radars of the market of offshoring and where large renowned multinationals are established today. Among the flagship projects carried out by MEDZ, the press release adds, are Casanearshore and Technopolis at the level of offshoring as well as Atlantic Free Zone, MidParc, Agropolis, Parc de Jorf Lasfar, Technopole d’Oujda, etc., at the level of offshoring. industry, which have been able to develop good visibility and attract operators of different nationalities, with significant impacts in terms of jobs. After 20 years of activity, MEDZ thus welcomes approximately 500 national and international customers installed in all of its areas, which currently employ more than 110,000 employees. Regarding these 20 years, the Chairman of the Management Board of MEDZ, Mohssine Semmar, quoted in the press release, declared that “we take this opportunity to warmly thank all of our stakeholders, with whom we are proud to have contributed collectively to make MEDZ a fine support structure for Morocco’s economic and social development. We have traveled a rich and intense path together, with tangible achievements that have enabled the creation of wealth and jobs in the kingdom”. “A big thank you therefore to all our institutional and regional partners, who have always worked alongside us, to the CDG Group for its constant support and support, to our customers who place their trust in us and of course to our employees who work daily for the success of our mission,” he said. And to add that “we will continue to invest ourselves fully in consolidating MEDZ’s position as a supporter of the equitable and prosperous development of the territories, with the establishment of modern, efficient and competitive infrastructures, while respecting the principles of sustainable development”. Indeed, MEDZ has thus included sustainable development in its strategic orientations and has already launched several structuring projects. Among the key actions carried out by MEDZ are the construction of a solar farm in the Atlantic Free Zone to supply the factories with green energy, the launch within Casanearshore of positive energy and low carbon buildings, which have obtained a triple certificate /labelling (HQE, BBCA, Ready to Osmoz), a first in Morocco. MEDZ also highlighted its first HQE Aménagement certification for the “MidParc Tranche IV” project, issued by CERWAY, and the success of the ISO 14001 certification renewal audit conducted in 2022. This audit confirmed the maturity of its environmental management system and highlighted many strong points such as the integration of the sustainable development approach in the construction of business areas and the implementation of environmental performance monitoring systems throughout the value chain. “As many examples of achievements that reinforce our desire to be part of a virtuous approach to sustainable development. In the future, we want to accelerate the pace, so that this ambition becomes an integral part of the DNA of MEDZ”, concluded Mr. Semmar. LNT with MAP To go further