“Moroccan Tourism for Women”, latest publication by Ahlam Jebbar

This book, published on the sidelines of International Women's Day, retraces the journey of exceptional women who have made their way in the world of tourism. The journalist and essayist, Ahlam Jebbar, has just published a new book entitled “Moroccan Tourism for Women”, which traces the journey of exceptional women who have made their way in the world of tourism. In the wake of the publication of the book “My Morocco” in tribute to tourism operators who have just gone through two years of extreme difficulty, it is a book devoted this time to women in the sector that Ahlam Jebbar has just written , said the publishing house, Première Ligne, in a press release. Far from having a feminist discourse, this book aims to highlight women with exemplary careers who have been able to impose themselves by the force of the wrist and whose careers are a true example for generations to come. Because, as Ahlam Jebbar likes to repeat, “Each successful woman inspires many others”. The book “Moroccan Tourism for Women” is divided into 4 main parts. The first, entitled “They broke the glass ceiling” has only a few women: Fethia Bennis, who was the first and only woman at the head of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT). Habiba Laklalech, currently Director General of the National Airports Office (ONDA) and finally Laila Mechbal who is at the head of Air Arabia Maroc. Three different destinies but three strengths of character that have made their way to the top of the hierarchy. The second part, “They are pioneers or activists… and sometimes both!”, counts many distinguished women who have not only led exemplary careers within major entities of the country but who have also fought associations to position the sector. We will find in particular Rkia Alaoui, President of the Regional Council of Tourism of Tangier, the only woman to occupy this position throughout the country or Samira Ktiri, MD of the Kabila hotel, who has contributed to the influence of many establishments across the country. or even Rita Touzani, travel agent and great activist. “They are at the heart of the business” is the title of the third chapter in which we find completely different profiles from each other, hoteliers, restaurateurs, travel agents, chefs… And we then realize that women are beginning to impose in a sector hitherto reserved for men. Charismatic, competent and dynamic, they are true role models for young people wishing to enter the sector. Entitled “the new generation”, the last part highlights young women who are starting out in the sector and who have already known how to stand out. “Moroccan tourism for women” is thus a beautiful 200-page book that is both modern and full of life, whose clean-lined layout denotes creativity. The cover was also designed by the renowned designer Hicham Lahlou, recognized worldwide for his talents. A unique and symbolic creation that mixes the beauty of women with the map of Morocco. The two are intrinsically linked. The woman of Moroccan tourism is thus a patriot who carries Morocco and helps lead it to new horizons, the statement concluded.