Moroccan women at the center of the Mons Culture Days

The 8th edition of the Mons Days of Moroccan Culture started on Tuesday evening, at the City of Languages ​​and Cultures of the Cadi Ayyad University (UCA) in Marrakech, with the opening of an exhibition under the theme “Cultural diversity, What future ? Moroccan women… Between ethics and aesthetics”. Initiated by the Center for Judeo-Moroccan Culture (CCJM) in Belgium, this exhibition highlights the richness and diversity of the cultural heritage of Moroccan women and their contribution to the promotion of the rich and plural identity of the Kingdom. It shows and appreciates a variety of costumes, ornaments, ornaments and traditional jewelry worn by Moroccan women over the centuries, in order to highlight the evolution of Moroccan society and the cultural diversity of this millennial country steeped in history. “This exhibition, which aims to encourage reflection on its identity, presents a variety of paintings highlighting the diversity of clothes, ornaments and jewelry of women from different regions of Morocco,” said Paul Dahan, director of the CCJM in a statement. declaration to M24, the television channel of the continuous information of the MAP. Morocco has always been an inspiring example of this cultural diversity, continued Mr. Dahan, also a member of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), and who has mounted several exhibitions in several spaces around the world, around the issue of cultural diversity and Moroccan identity. “This exhibition has already been presented in Brussels and it will also stop in Seville”, he said, emphasizing the importance of this event at a time when stereotypes and prejudices about women. In a similar statement, Bouchaib Samawi, director of the ASBL “Droit et Devoir” (Mons-Belgium), stressed that this exhibition aims to make people discover the richness of Moroccan culture and heritage, indicating that the 8th edition of the Journées Mons of Moroccan culture aims to exchange between the two shores of the Mediterranean to fight against prejudices and stereotypes and to exchange and debate the issue of immigration and inclusive society. For his part, the president of the UCA, Lhassan Hbid, noted that the initiators of this cultural event have concocted an eclectic program aimed at highlighting the richness of Moroccan heritage in all its components, so as to introduce generations rising, the process of development experienced by Moroccan society over the centuries. Mr. Hbid praised the initiatives and actions carried out by Mr. Dahan in favor of the promotion of Moroccan culture in the four corners of the world, pointing out that through this event comes to translate the UCA’s strategy aimed at s Open to its socio-educational environment and to Moroccans around the world as well as to other cultures and religions. Initiated in collaboration with the CCJM in Belgium and the Center Droit et Devoir, the 8th edition of the Mons Days of Moroccan Culture includes conferences, training workshops for young people, film screenings followed by debates, and musical performances, during which Moroccan women – the theme chosen for this year – will be honored for a week. LNT with MAP To go further