Morocco: 13.6% increase in tourist arrivals in January

The number of tourist arrivals to the destination “Morocco” increased by 13.6% in January 2023, after increases of 16% in December, 10.1% in November and 15.1% in October 2022, according to the Department of Studies and Financial Forecasts (DEPF). This improvement was driven by sustained growth in arrivals of Moroccans residing abroad – MRE (+45.4%), mitigated, however, by the decline in those of foreign tourists by 7.2%, after +3, 5% a month earlier, explains the DEPF in its recent note on the economy. In January 2022, the number of tourist arrivals fell by 98.6% compared to January 2019, in connection with the closure of national borders to counter new variants of the coronavirus. As for overnight stays in classified accommodation establishments (EHC), they continue their positive evolution compared to their level before the pandemic (2019) for the second consecutive month, posting an increase of 2.1% at the end of January 2023, after +1.4% in December 2022 and a decline of 81.1% at the end of January 2022. This change covers the joint effect of the 12% increase in overnight stays by residents and the drop in overnight stays by non-residents by 2%.