Morocco: Ammor wants to promote internal tourism

Internal tourism is an essential component capable of strengthening the capacities of the Kingdom's tourism sector to deal with crises, underlined, this Tuesday in Rabat, the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatim-Zahra Ammor. Ammor, who was answering a question on “the revival of the tourism sector” in the House of Councillors, affirmed that internal tourism represents nearly 30% of overnight stays in tourist accommodation establishments (EHT) classified at the national level, while the annual growth rate for this category exceeds, during the period 2010-2019, that of overnight stays by foreign tourists. This rate, she said, reached 7.6% for internal tourism, against 2.5% for foreigners, which reflects the growing enthusiasm of Moroccans for internal tourism. Also, the Minister pointed out that the importance of domestic tourism, which plays a crucial role in economic, social and spatial development, and contributes to the employment of local labor and the revival of other sectors related economic issues, manifested itself during the health crisis. In this sense, she indicated that internal tourism constituted 50% of overnight stays in 2020 and 69% in 2021. Ms. Ammor also indicated that studies have revealed that 51% of Moroccan tourists prefer seaside tourism, while 58% are for the trip during the summer holidays. He added that 60% of Moroccan tourists prefer to travel with family and 72% attach importance to the prices of tourist services. At the same time, Ammor underlined that his department takes care to build solid bases for a sustainable development of internal tourism and this, through the creation of tourist resorts adapted to the purchasing power of Moroccan tourists and which take into account the product and the prices. . The Minister also mentioned coordination with the local authorities with a view to improving the attractiveness of the tourist product, as well as with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to introduce holiday vouchers to mitigate the domestic travel expenses.