Morocco lifts restrictions for travelers from China

Since Wednesday, April 5, 2023, restrictions on access to the territory of the Kingdom have been canceled for all travelers from the People’s Republic of China. The announcement was made by the Moroccan Embassy in Beijing on its Twitter account this Friday. Since Wednesday, 5th April 2023, restrictions to accessing The Kingdom of Morocco territory were lifted for all travelers from the People’s Republic of China.自2023年4月5日星期三起,取消对所有来自中华人民共和国的游客进入摩洛哥王国领土的限制。 — Morocco in China (@MoroccoinChina) April 7, 2023 Pour rappel, en décembre 2022, the Moroccan authorities had decided to prohibit access to Moroccan territory to all travelers, whatever their nationality, coming from the People’s Republic of China, in order to avoid a new wave of Covid-19 contamination. This exceptional measure, which entered into force on January 3, “does not in any way taint the sincere friendship between the two peoples and the strategic partnership between the two countries and to which the Kingdom remains strongly attached”, underlined the Moroccan Ministry of Affairs at the time. foreign.