#morocco #moroccovacation #marrakech #casablanca #moroccotravel #moroccotrips #fez Agadir airport: more than 44,000 travelers in June 2021

A total of 44,078 travelers passed through Agadir-Al Massira airport in June 2021 against 4,086 during the same month in 2020.

The airport of the capital of Souss thus recorded an increase of 978.76%, compared to the month of June 2020, due to the measures taken by the Kingdom of Morocco relating to the update conditions of access to Moroccan territory, mainly aimed at facilitating the return of Moroccans residing abroad (MRE), according to data published by the National Airports Office (ONDA).

As part of the classification of air traffic per traveler, Agadir-Al Massira airport occupied 4th position, after those of Casablanca-Mohammed V, Marrakech-Ménara and Tangier Ibn Battouta.

Air traffic recorded at national airports increased by 1,890.75% during the month of June, welcoming 665,568 passengers against 33,433 travelers welcomed in the same month of the year of rnière, specifies ONDA.

#morocco #moroccovacation #marrakech #casablanca #moroccotravel #moroccotrips #fez