Morocco-Spain: a high-level meeting on the 2022 transit operation

The measures taken to organize this operation are essentially based on the reinforcement of the maritime fleet and on the support system for travellers. The joint Moroccan-Spanish transit commission met on Thursday in Rabat, under the co-chairmanship of Khalid Zerouali, Wali Director of Migration and Border Surveillance and Isabel Goicoechea Aranguen, Spanish Under-Secretary of State for Interior. A joint press release indicates that this meeting takes place within the framework of the implementation of the roadmap drawn up during the visit to the Kingdom in April 2022 by Pedro Sanchez, President of the Spanish Government. The discussions focused on the operational arrangements put in place by the two parties, similar to those adopted in 2019, in order to guarantee the best conditions for the conduct of the 2022 transit operation, underlines the press release. The measures taken will revolve around several components relating to fluidity, safety and security, assistance and proximity measures, communication actions as well as prevention and vigilance measures in the light of the epidemiological context. . Thus, a substantial fleet plan has been validated allowing significant offers in terms of daily passenger and vehicle traffic capacity, rotations and services. Significant logistical resources and reinforced staff have also been mobilized at ports and airports with a large-scale social assistance and support system provided by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity abroad and in Morocco. In addition, the two parties agreed to strengthen coordination between the focal points for a good circulation of information and to anticipate certain aspects related to the management of peak days, the interchangeability of tickets and the fight against speculation in the price of sea crossings, the press release adds.