Ntla9awFbladna: an ambition to develop national tourism

With the post-Covid economic recovery, the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) is banking on the consolidation of the domestic market, as a major supplier of tourists. To this end, the Office has just launched a new multi-support campaign this weekend. Called “Ntla9awFbladna”, this new campaign aims to encourage Moroccans to discover and rediscover the riches of their country, after the success of the first two of its kind and of the same name. Through a device focused mainly on national televisions, urban advertising in the largest Moroccan cities as well as digital and the press, the operation will allow the perpetuation of the “Ntla9awFbladna” brand. At the same time, it will unveil new content that presents the depth of the country's tourist offer, by highlighting regions, new places and activities to experience with friends or family, as Adel El emphasizes. Fakir, Director General (DG) of ONMT. “Our objective is to consolidate the domestic market as the main supplier of tourists for the Morocco destination by making Moroccans want to further explore all of the wealth of their country. Today more than ever they are the beating heart of our tourism ”, declared the CEO, who wishes to develop even more attractive local tourism, with“ Ntla9awFbladna ”. In addition, the Office relied on its strategy of segmenting the profiles of Moroccan travelers to identify their needs and motivations, in order to create and present fresh content with the main objective of triggering travel and discovery at home. citizens, during the preparation of this new device. Planned will last over one month, the contents of this campaign will soon be deployed on the social platforms of the “Ntla9awFbldana” brand and amplified through influencer marketing operations, thus giving more volume to the campaign and getting people to join. Internet users to the mark.